About us.

Camp Cutz Fitness Bootcamp isn’t your typical gym. You won’t find a very commercial atmosphere and you won’t find a harsh institutional feel to our workout and weight loss philosophy. Every member is family. It’s a tight knit group right down to the newest members. Your goals are our main focus. Wether it’s reaching an extreme level of fitness for sport specific goals or losing 100lbs or maybe even as little as 10lbs it doesn’t matter. Everyone’s individual needs are met and valued.
We have a very diverse spectrum of members in both ability and age. We find that most who are willing to sacrifice the time and dedicate themselves to our program get tremendous results in just a short time. Our philosophy is simple… A well thought out workout plan, a well executed and prepared meal plan and a members undying commitment to their success and our entire team is all we need to make the dream work! Well that and a little fun along the way… It’s no secret that we work extremely hard but we also like to have a lot of fun along the way. So come give us a try! We’re sure you’ll love it!!